Buyer Policies

Please Review prior to purchase

Shipping policies: When an order is placed, we will separate your selected axolotl from our stock. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. All invoices must be paid in full by 24 hours. If there is an issue with your method of payment, your animal will not be shipped. Axolotls will be fasted prior to shipping to maintain as clear water as possible during transit. All axolotls will be shipped with adequate insulation, icepack, and fresh de-chlorinated cold water. When an axolotl is purchased, we will ship it the following Monday. We do not ship to illegal states: California, Maine, New Mexico, Washington D.C., and New Jersey. We do not ship outside of the continental United States, no exceptions. We use Priority USPS shipping; however, you may choose overnight shipping with USPS if you prefer. 

Shipping a live animal is always a risk for the buyer and the seller. In the rare event that your axolotl(s) are DOA, you must send us a clear picture and video of the axolotl in its original unopened packaging within 1 hour of delivery to qualify for any refund.

In the event of a DOA, you will be refunded the cost of the animal only. Shipping will not be included in the refund. We do not provide exchanges. If you want another axolotl, you must re-select and purchase one. You must be home to receive your axolotl. You must provide a valid address that you will be present at for delivery of your axolotl. If the address provided is invalid, or you are not present to receive your animal, or failure to report DOA within 1 hour of delivery time the DOA refund policy is null and void. You will be responsible for any additional shipping fees if the animal is returned or held at the USPS facility. Your method of payment will be charged for any additional fees of delivery if your animal was returned. You will receive an itemized receipt of costs. If you are ordering more than one axolotl, shipping prices will be higher as they require more material, bigger packaging, and more weight. Separate packaging is also available. Shipping prices still apply for each package. We will provide the best options for you and will work with you to get you your animals safely.

Extreme Weather: When weather temperatures drop below 35F or raise above 95F in your area, DOA policy is null and void. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to research the temperature prior to ordering. However, we reserve the right to hold shipments due to extreme temperatures, imminent storms or any unsafe weather conditions that may risk the animal's safety.

Cancellation Policies: If you cancel your order after your axolotl has been shipped, you will not receive a refund. It is your responsibility to prepare for the arrival of your selected pet. You will be responsible for any additional shipping costs to send the animal back to us. Cancellations after shipping will be charged a 25% fee of the cost of your order. 

All Sales are final.

Local Pickups: We do not deliver axolotls but are willing to meet in a public location in Apopka, Fl. We sell by appointment only for local pickups. You may opt for the “local pickup” option at check out, which includes the address for pickup.

No Show policy: We understand that things happen and sometimes customers may have to reschedule their pickup appointment. We ask that you provide advanced notice of rescheduling as soon possible. Communication is key, if you are running late we will wait a reasonable time with the axolotl(s) for you. This is to our discretion as weather and other appointments may interfere with our wait time. If you are late and you have not communicated with us, you will be counted as a no show. You may still purchase an axolotl from us, but you will have an additional $25.00 no show fee to ensure you will meet your next appointment time. In the event a customer is a “No Show” twice, we reserve the right to not make any further appointments with you for local pickups. You will be charged a $25.00 fee or each “No Show” if you still intend to buy an axolotl through shipping.